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How many dentists are in your office and how much experience do they have?

We have two dentists. Dr Sidhu has 18 years experience and Dr Josephson has 9 years experience.

Do you take emergencies?


Do you take new patients?


How soon can I get an appointment?

If it is an emergency,  you will likely be seen the same day you call. We will try to get you comfortable and bring you back another day for treatment.

For a new patient examination it can take up to two weeks for an appointment.

At what age should I first bring in my child?

It is best to bring in your child when they get their first baby teeth, around eighteen months. We will look at their teeth briefly, and discuss feeding and hygiene habits with the parent. Consider it a “baby well” visit for their teeth.

How long will my appointment take?

You appointment can take anywhere from thirty minutes to one hour. It is best to ask the receptionist if you are on a tight schedule.

Will I be seen on time?

We do our best to stay on schedule and in general you will be seen on time. Keep in mind unforeseen circumstances may occasionally put us behind.

Will you bill my insurance directly?

No. We ask that you pay for treatment the same day it is done. We will send the information electronically to your insurance company and many people get reimbursed within a week or two.

Do you accept ODSP?

Not at this time.

Can I pay in installments?

We do not accept installments.

Why do I need to clean my teeth?

Over time plaque accumulates on your teeth and under your gums and then hardens into tartar.  Tartar does not come off with your toothbrush. If left, it causes chronic inflammation and loss of bone. Cleaning your teeth regularly will prevent development and progression of gum disease and bone loss.

How often do I need to get my teeth cleaned?

Most people need their teeth cleaned every six months. If you have gum disease and/or bone loss you will need cleanings more frequently, every three to four months.

Why do you poke my gums?

The best clinician cannot tell if you have gum disease just by looking at your gums. We need to measure the depth of the gum to determine if gum disease is present. If it is, we will recommend the appropriate course of treatment to prevent bone loss.

How come I mostly see the hygienist and only see the dentist for a few minutes?

Most of your appointment involves cleaning the teeth for which the hygienist is well trained. Near the end of the appointment the dentist will check each tooth to determine if you have any cavities and also screen for future issues for which we can recommend preventative strategies.

How often do I need a check up? My insurance only covers every 9 months.

Patients should have their teeth checked twice a year. This is for a few reasons:

We are more likely to watch cavities rather than treat them with fillings if we know we will see the patient again within the year. This means less fillings for you.

We may not be able to find every cavity in your mouth so only six months will pass before it is detected at your next visit.

Lastly, cavities will have only grown for six months so will not cause pain or get close to the nerve. If seen once a year your cavity may get too large before it is detected. If you only have coverage very nine months, you will pay about thirty dollars out of pocket once a year for the second checkup. We think this is thirty dollars well spent.

Children need frequent check-ups for other reasons as well. Their dentition changes so quickly that problems can arise just as quick. Also, they are developing their hygiene habits and studies have shown that repetition is one of the the best predictors for developing good hygiene habits.

Why do I need Xrays if nothing is bothering me?

We cannot see the surfaces in between your teeth. Cavities have to get quite large before we can see them on these surfaces or you start to feel them.

You said I have a cavity but nothing hurts. Shouldn’t a cavity hurt?

Cavities have to get quite large and close to the nerve before you start to feel them. It is very possible for a cavity to reach the nerve and you feel nothing (In this case the nerve has likely died or is dying).

Do I have to go with the treatment you recommend?

No, you do not. We will spend a lot of time discussing the benefits and risk to treatment compared to no treatment and also offer alternative treatments. We only ask that our patients are fully informed.  Gum disease is a different issue.  Because it can lead to the loss of all your teeth, we may not able to continue treating you if it is not addressed.

Why should I get treatment if it isn’t covered by my insurance?

Insurance companies provide services to a general population. Your needs, based on your diagnosis, could differ from the population at large.

Do you use silver fillings?

Yes. We use all dental materials available from silver to white to gold and porcelain. Each has their own place.

Will you take out my old silver fillings?

We only remove fillings if they need to come out.

Does everyone need their wisdom teeth out?

No. But if you do decide to have them out, the best time is before the age of 25. If your wisdom tooth is decayed and cannot be filled, it has to be removed or it will cause an infection.

Do you whiten teeth with Zoom?

We whiten teeth but not with Zoom. In our opinion, it is neither the safest, nor the most cost effective way to whiten your teeth. We will recommend whitening with take home custom trays and gel.

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